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Renascent Healing

Shine My Light Reiki-Infused Spell Candle

Shine My Light Reiki-Infused Spell Candle

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"May I see my worth and shine my light to the highest good of all."

These Reiki-Infused Spell Candles are Earth Friendly, hand-rolled and have pressed Calendula flowers.

Calendula is an ambassador of the sun, thus bringing all the sun's magic to earth. Calendula aids in wealth, self-esteem, and seeing the beauty in our lives. It also assists us in shining our light for the highest good of all.

Reiki intention has been placed on the candle for opening the heart to the cosmic universal love, and to invite love into your life.

Create a cozy space, center, and ground yourself. As you light the candle invite the light of the candle and the magic of the calendula to assist you in shining your light.



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